Lakshmi Enterprises

AN opportunity for a lifetime

   About us

We are nothing special we are like many of you with a burning desire to achieve something i.e, stable, superior and potential for a growth. So came with an idea not just for developing ourselves but to lend our hand to many who are on our way. 
So who we are? 

We are the leading manufacturers of Paper plates, Dona and also dealers in paper plate and dona making machinery. With more than 15 years business experience, we have established ourselves as one of the finest quality manufactures of paper plate products in Mumbai, Maharashtra and expanding in rest of the country. The story did not end here since we took up the supply of finest machinery which manufactures these products so came the thought of helping others as well. Thus we established ourselves as a leader in product and machine categories.
What we have?                                                                  

Macinery                                                          Advetise your business online with our free classifieds                                                                                                                    
  • Hand press machines                                 
  • Power press machines
      Hydraulic Press machines                                                 
Dies of all types
  • Wrinkle dies
  • Plain dies
  • Compartment dies
  • Foursquare dies
  • Tali dies
  • Dona making dies 
  • Cutters and Coils
  • Raw material (Punching paper, cutting paper, silver laminated and all varieties such as Janata and Duplex)
What we offer?
  • If you are a wholesaler: We supply all types and sizes of paper plates & Dona's in bulk at an attractive rates within time delivery guaranteed.
  • If you are already in this business: We can provide you with machines, dies and all types of paper for your business at an attractive rates.
  • If you are a new comer: We can help you setup this business with full support i.e training and marketing. For more information on how, please browse through our website or contact us.